3-Point Checklist to Streamline Daily Project Tasks

What are the fundamental benchmarks of a successful project? The one that completes on time, within budget, and delivers desired outcomes. Your job as an ideal project manager is to fulfill all three criteria. In this article at Girl’s Guide to PM, Elizabeth Harrin suggests a project management checklist to help you accomplish daily task lists without distraction.

Time-Conserving Tips

A project management checklist is an indispensable source to ensure productivity. You can use it to assure consistency in a new project, right from scratch, or to take over an already progressing project. The checklist can help you give direction to the team by initiating advanced planning. It is the key to obtain the highest success rate. Follow these steps to create a practical agenda:

Determine the Issue

Use a checklist to organize and complete a tedious task with several impediments or a list of components to work on. For instance, project risk review, issue logs, meeting invites, data gathering, etc. Before starting the tasks, stop and analyze all the factors affecting your speed. Take a deep breath and dive into the most complex documentation; be thoughtful and meticulous.

Split Into Smaller Tasks

Break down the activities into tasks to set priorities. You can also accomplish the work by making a necessary list of tasks to finish within the day. If everything is significant and requires immediate action, try dividing the task list into sections. Then group similar tasks together. Finishing the same work at once is more manageable.

You can try using an advanced tool or application to maintain the record and digital worksheet.

Review the Checklist

Once your checklist is ready, you must review it to determine whether your plan is constructive. Consider it as the last lap, significant enough to change the fate of your project. You can also add more points to it as you start implementing the steps. Your checklist is now in a progressive mode to add new experiences.

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