Can DigitalOps Sync Business Models and Tools?

Can DigitalOps Sync Business Models and Tools?

With digital operations or DigitalOps, organizations can align business models with digital platforms. It not only increases the speed of delivery for developers but also improves customer service. You recognize the pain points and use technology to address the issues. In this article at Information Age, Aaron Hurst shares how DigitalOps can sync your organization’s business models and platforms.

Utilizing DigitalOps

Audacia managing director Philip White remarks, “Such improvements in process automation remove bottlenecks in business processes and enable businesses to scale whilst improving the overall customer experience.” The concept borrows agile approaches from digital natives like Netflix. Data Language director Matt Shearer provides the following DigitalOps steps to sync business models and platforms:

Three-Pronged Syncing

  • Have a business map that anyone could update based on current demands. The DigitalOps teams can discuss with concerned departments to understand how the project can deliver value to your organization.
  • Detect areas that are crucial to fulfilling business strategies and also help the organization get a competitive edge. Focus on your core principles and strengths to deliver the wins.
  • Enable a corporate culture that would encourage creativity and bring about out-of-the-box offerings across the enterprise. However, ensure that teams maintain the decorum befitting your organization and have the accountability to meet deadlines.

Sumo Logic’s sales engineering head Clive McDonald observes, “DigitalOps enables companies to spot trends and make predictions and, more importantly, act on them.” Organizations must also focus on leveraging the data they are collecting through various sources.

With the help of DigitalOps, you can utilize the information to enhance operations, security, customer experience. You can also gather insights to upgrade business models. Not only that, but you can even streamline a continual revaluation process for your digital business to meet the current industry demands.

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