CIOs, Here’s How You Can Thrive in 2021

The pandemic has transformed the way IT professionals approach work. The disruption has caused the knowledge workers to shift work patterns almost overnight. CIOs worldwide are challenged to restructure their tech-stacks. They must also ensure that their organization’s sensitive data is secure and the entire organization has access to the right tools. In this article at techradar, Katie Guzman explains how CIOs and IT leaders can pave the way for organizations’ success in 2021.

Keys to Success

Be a Catalyst For Change

Identify tools that integrate with your existing collaboration software and provide the required admin and security capabilities. As teams remain dispersed, you must ensure that organizational workflows are maintained at the enterprise level. These functions fall under the umbrella of work management, and it’s here that CIOs must look to consolidate their tools while allowing businesses to thrive.

Prioritize Your Employees

To thrive during this pandemic, CIOs must reshape the employee experience in a way that drives engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. IT leaders must also implement collaboration tools that help employees streamline their communication and processes and focus on the crucial tasks. Besides, automation is the key to creating an efficient workplace. As an IT leader, you must choose the right tool to complete regular tasks while allowing employees to focus on innovation. Any workplace technology is about users and their experience.

Tool Stack is Crucial

With teams working remotely, the experience of work and a focus on the organizational culture has become more important to employees. “Tech is the primary way in which teams now connect, so the role of IT leaders in creating an engaging and attractive company culture has never been greater,” explains Katie. Right technology won’t create a company culture. However, it allows employees to communicate and connect regardless of their location. The COVID-19 crisis has provided CIOs with the greatest opportunities to provide insights, expertise, and guidance on the elements that can future-proof their companies, secure revenues, thrive. To read the original article, click on https://www.techradar.com/in/news/how-cios-can-pave-the-way-to-success-in-2021.

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