CIOs: Learn How Your Role is Emerging

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way enterprises view and value IT. Naturally, the CIOs’ role is shifting. In fact, the growing importance of the CIO won’t change once the crisis is over. Successful CIOs are now empowering IT organizations to create a digital backbone to accelerate new operating models. They are the engines for the business transformation in companies across industries. So, what’s next for CIOs? In this article at InformationWeek, Greg Douglass explains how technology leaders can meet emerging obligations.

How to Keep Up With Trends?

Build Resilience

“CIOs will need to accelerate their organization’s technology strategies to respond to customer demands – which has ever been less predictable – and safeguard the company’s future,” explains Greg. CIOs must work towards making their processes and operating models more resilient. CIOs must adopt cloud-based, collaborative virtual spaces that are highly resilient.

Restructure the Business

As a CIO, if you are looking to fully deliver on the businesses’ needs, you must bring a significant change to work culture, design, and mindset. To achieve this, you must ensure to bring collaboration between IT and business needs. IT must work hand-in-hand with the business on software deployments to meet new business needs as they emerge.

Re-engineer Your Organization

To thrive in this crisis, CIOs must enable real-time channel integration capabilities and next-generation digital customer experience. CIOs must re-engineer their organization by finding the right combination of these platforms, installing them, and building the best practices from a business process standpoint.

Reskill Your Workforce

Enable your workforce to be task-focused. Studies have indicated that CIOs and IT teams will spend less time on infrastructure maintenance, coding, and operational support tasks in the days to come. The focus will be much more on innovation with technology as the driver. Changes in technology are driving changes in CIOs’ roles, too, regardless of their size or industry. Only by taking the required steps to facilitate that change CIOs can succeed and continue to thrive in the future. To read the original article, click on https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/cios-the-new-corporate-rock-stars/a/d-id/1339595.

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