Cyber Budget 2021: Aim for the Quick-Win Goldmine

Soaring economic challenges, rising cybersecurity threats, and constrained budget, the new year has brought substantial challenges for CIOs. In this article at Help Net Security, Karen Walsh discusses how to maintain cybersecurity arrangements on a limited budget. The previous year was all about employees’ well-being and security IT provisions. However, 2021 is more about cost-efficient solutions to guard technology infrastructure.

Review the Present Stack

The enterprises bearing high IT debts and prominent security challenges must identify the vulnerable areas that need expensive security backup. With employees continuing to work from remote locations, investing in unnecessary internal resources is a misstep. You must aim to bridge the security gaps while analyzing the IT budget. Capitalizing in a reliable VPN connection and data encryption is sensible in the current scenario. Leverage cloud security solutions to accelerate digital transformation.

Switch to SaaS Defense

Secure software as a service platforms offer instant IT stack integration. CIOs can get hold of a SaaS solution deployment in a span of a few weeks. Often the implementation duration depends on the complexity of the risks. Nonetheless, SaaS security increases annual savings. Using the subscription model, you can ensure a budget-friendly proposition. You can concentrate on the expensive resources and increase Saas defense usage from now on.

KPI Selection for an Improved ROI

The secure ROI projection depends on emerging risks and the cost of the potential data breach. CISOs must evaluate propositions to strengthen the IT budget. Leverage available resources and streamline robust security arrangements that can align your acquisitions with the specific KPIs. Monitoring key performance indicators can help you reduce the IT budget without decreasing team strength.

2021 Roadmap

With a skyrocketing range of cybersecurity attacks in 2020, the new year has put immense pressure on the CIOs and CISOs. Malicious actors are now aiming to breach the end-user systems. The year mandates less expensive methods to safeguard confidential data and resources. Stay agile to beat the emerging risks and vulnerabilities.

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