Employee Engagement: A Catchphrase or a Compulsion?

What do you know about employee engagement? Does it mean employees’ happiness or work satisfaction? Or, is it just a luring trap for the top industry talents? In this article at PM Column, Dakota Murphey defines employee engagement as an emotional influence that boosts productivity. It enables the workforce to commit and concentrate on work more actively. They not only outperform for increments or promotions but also to accomplish your organization’s business goals.

The ROI of Engagement

You must first succeed in the workplace to win the market competition. Employee engagement is the ultimate approach to ignite the desire to be the finest among all. A committed workforce is free to push boundaries and bring extraordinary results.

Agile organizations are promoting permanent flexibility of remote working for their staff. The move triggers business growth and staff loyalty towards the brand. So, you must pay attention to employee engagement at the beginning of the year. Follow these tips to make a refined move:

Entice the Youth

A majority of the workforce includes millennials and Gen Z. To please this age group of employees, you must tap into the needs of the generation. For instance, considering the epidemic, you can offer time-offs as a reward for a good job.

Show Genuine Care

Empathize with your staff. Ensure they are doing good at the personal front too, apart from work. Your humble concerns can leave a lasting impact on them. Drop a thank you card on their desk to ensure you are monitoring their effort.

Push Boundaries

Let your staff flourish. Offer them online training and certification courses. The move ensures you care for their career growth.

Facilitate Wellness at Work

Employee health is crucial to enhance productivity. So, conduct online fitness and health consultations for them to ensure they are doing fine.

Preserve Mental Health

The year 2020 was no less than trauma for most individuals. As we venture into the new year, start from scratch, and focus on maintaining employees’ mental health. Offering medical consultation and meditation activities at work are the ideal approaches to reduce workplace burnout.

Offer Flexible Work Policies

An agile approach to employee engagement is ideal to win employee trust. Give them the flexibility to work per their convenience for a specific number of hours. Let them design their professional lives to earn some free time for personal commitments.

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