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ESM: Changing the Future of IT Service Desk

Are you looking forward to delivering a great service experience to your internal and external customers? Do you want to manage a broad range of service requests and making complex business decisions? Well, enterprise service management (ESM) can be an answer. In many organizations, ESM is becoming a hub of innovation as it unifies IT across its many silos, promoting and measuring IT operational efficiencies. In this article at TechBeacon, Christopher Null explains the five important takeaways of ESM.

ESM Transforming Enterprise

The Evolution from ITSM to ESM

IT organizations earlier viewed the help desk as reactive management with fading process efficiencies and legacy concerns. Today IT service management (ITSM) has transformed the help desk into a service that provides real, forward-looking value to its customers – the organization’s internal users. ITSM is helping business leaders to streamline support and service operations to make end-users and IT more efficient. ESM derives its concept from ITSM and applies it company-wide while ensuring smooth communications between various departments.

Not Necessarily IT-Related

“From the ESM point of view, a service is a service, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to IT,” explains Christopher. Whether the request is to fix a broken keyboard or onboarding a new employee, ESM manages tasks through a centralized portal that offers intelligent automation and workflow management. Implementing ESM in organizations helps business leaders achieve overall efficiency, better accuracy, a simplified data structure, and happier employees.

AI-Driven Evolution

Though this discipline is still in its formative phase, virtual agents and robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning are identified as critical enablers in driving the transformation. Virtual agents and RPA are expected to handle service requests, while machine learning identifies user request patterns.

ESM aims at helping organizations improve efficiency, workflow, and employee satisfaction across departments. Have you implemented one in your organization? Read the original article by clicking on

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