Handle Digital Transformation Like an Expert Manager

Handle Digital Transformation Like an Expert Manager

Digital transformation is happening in every corner of the world, if not in every organization. While there are quite a few upsides to the result, DX is not a smooth road to travel. Where to start is the most sought-after question for beginners. How to cope in such an environment? In this article at Project Times, Charles Seybold shares how you can handle digital transformation as a project manager.

Managing Digital Transformation

Though the senior management gives the go-ahead to the digital transformation process, they do not know the goals. However, the leading reasons for their consent are market opportunities, customer demands, competition, and industry requirements. For a project team, the implementation enables timely delivery and early identification of risks, among other value additions. Here are the ways you can handle digital transformation like an ace manager:

Detect Bottlenecks

A mere 2.5 percent of companies experience success in all of their projects. 64 percent achieve the milestones they agreed to initially. Before you delve in further, discover the bottlenecks that can halt the risk growth.

Analyze Well

Things are changing fast in the technology space, so research well before investing in tools and technologies. You need an investment that lasts longer than today’s trend. It should be scalable and add value continuously.

Go Digital

Years of paperwork, and now you have to digitize all for future safekeeping. Isn’t that a whole lot of work? In reality, it would cost the business $122 on average to locate a missing physical document. So, after the initial efforts, you can look up any file without sifting through yards of hard copies.

Interact with Peers

Digital transformation is going to affect all in the organization. While some would be quick to adapt, others might struggle. So, interact openly. Also, brainstorming might help you get a solution sooner than you know.

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