Have You Faced These Remote Working Challenges?

Remote work has its advantages — low-stress level, no commute, spending more time with family, and flexibility to set your own working hours. Various studies have indicated that remote workers are healthier, productive, and enjoy a positive work-life balance. However, remote working also comes with its challenges. In this article at techradar, David Clarke explains the unexpected challenges of remote working. 

Challenges Organizations Face

Remote working can make it easier to mishandle customer data accidentally. Since the remote working trend is likely to continue even after the pandemic, organizations must consider the strategy to allow flexible working. Business leaders must understand the risks it can involve and take the right measures to address those risks. Here are some unexpected challenges organizations might face.

Security Concerns

“Mandatory use of corporate VPNs is the typical first step towards a secure remote working. But, there are more potential risks to consider, not all of which are technical,” explains David. Data falling into the wrong hands isn’t just limited to emails or lost USB sticks. According to David, malicious actors can print out sensitive information from a PDF or a word document. Lack of secure storage and proper shredding in a remote work environment makes it easier for hackers to access data. However, risks aren’t limited to documents. David explains that smart speakers are now a household item, and they continuously record audio too. Employees’ private meetings could end up archived by Google or Amazon. Experts advise the workforce to turn off the smart speakers during calls – either through control technology or manually.

Change Your Background

Be aware that your video call reveals more than you might want to. Your personal items on display or information about your organization can harm your business relationships. Employees must either use the default electronic green screen in video conference software or must enable the ‘background blurring‘ feature.

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