How Can CIOs Use Audits to Lift Company IT Standards?

Audits are tedious, time-consuming, and obnoxious tasks in the list of an IT leader. Nonetheless, a failed one can ruin your team’s effort. It is like a negative remark on your progress report that can raise suspicion over your ability to lead and progress. In this article at InformationWeek, Mary E. Shacklett shares the positive aspects of IT audits. CIOs can use them to get strategic and operational advantages.

Avert Disaster

Audits help in weighing cybersecurity arrangements, compliance activities, and other overlooked gaps. Here are some evident rewards of IT audits:

Identifying Weak Areas

IT audit throws light over security vulnerabilities. Thus, bridging the gap in IT security becomes easy. You can install adequate resources to observe and eradicate discrepancies once identified in the remote work setup.

Valuable Insight

The auditors can carefully examine, evaluate, and help you find the ideal approach to increase security arrangements. The usage of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, and machine learning encouraged organizations to transform. You must reconsider your conventional approach to IT support and operations. The external audit firms not only oversee the changes but can suggest appropriate solutions for your business.

Third-Party Consulting

IT auditors are experts in technology operations, governance policies, and compliance procedures. You can replace and switch to cost-efficient yet valuable security arrangements following their advice.

Vendor Management

Auditors have a strong alliance with high-end security vendors. They can help you collaborate with a reliable vendor. They can assess your vendor’s performance and enable you to leverage reliable technologies.

Strategic Headway

The external auditors can identify a mismanaged policy and eliminate unnecessary protocols. So, you can follow customized policies and procedures that are ideal for your organization and project.

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