How Do You Manage Time More Sensibly at Work?

You incessantly hear that successful people manage time like nobody else. How is that possible? Everyone gets the same 24 hours every day. You cannot really do that unless you are being extremely mindful of how you spend those precious seconds. In this Balance Career article, Dan McCarthy shares 10 ways to manage time more sensibly.

Time to Manage Time

Are you wondering how your bosses or role models manage time so effortlessly? You can also do that with the following tips:


Do you often find your shuttling between tasks? Our brain does not have the capacity to work on multiple things. So, prioritize your work according to importance and immediacy.


According to Pareto’s Principle, or 80/20 rule, 80 percent of your outcomes depends on 20 percent of your efforts. Concentrate on tasks that will enable you to provide 80 percent of your results.


You must know your work capacity before taking on further responsibilities. Check if the extra workload is not hampering your current bandwidth. Learn to say no when you cannot.

4D System

Delete, Delegate, Do It, or Defer – follow hese and stop delaying all tasks at hand. Analyze with the 80/20 rule how essential the task result is. If yes, are you accountable? Delegate it or do it yourself. Defer it when other priority items are on your list.


Seemingly, people tend to delay tasks that are high priority. Go for those controlling your will to procrastinate.


Stop attending meetings because they just happen to be on your calendar. Excuse yourself from those that might stop your from achieving your daily goals.

Daily Jar

Categorize your work items according to importance level. The essential ones are rocks, the ones with medium importance are pebbles, and smaller, easier tasks are sand. While you easily make space for sand in your daily jar, too many rocks will fill it faster. Decide how to manage time to address them all.

Social Media

Do you check your phone often? You can manage time better without such distractions. Keep your digital presence to the minimum until you have safely completed most of your jobs.

Right Setup

Do you have all things you need to accomplish goals? Save your files in designated folder. Have a check on interdependent work before proceeding any further .


Want to complete tasks on time? Take care of your health. Take leave when your sick. Eat, sleep, and enjoy time with your loved ones to work dedicatedly.

While these tips are great to hear, it is not easy to follow all of them right now. Start taking small steps and you will be able to manage time eventually .

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