How the Inside-Out Approach to Security Helps You?

Organizations must start operationalizing a view of security from inside-out to prepare for cyber threats. Security experts believe that besides putting a perfectly engineered risk management system, IT teams must cultivate it like an organic, living garden. Organizations must think about building multi layers of defense to protect themselves from inside-out. In this article at Forbes, Nicholas Shevelyov explains why organizations should take an inside-out cyber risk management approach to protect themselves from security threats.

Inside-Out Approach

COVID-19 has altered the cyber risk profile for many organizations. With digital fatigue and feelings of burnout on the rise among remote workers, organizations must not only worry about the outside threats but also internal human error.

Organizations must approach cybersecurity with an ‘inside-out’ view by doing the following:

Identify the Vulnerability

Security teams must focus on the attacker’s behavior in a particular segment they are trying to defend. Further, they must validate defenses by testing the incident response process. Leaders can determine where to make defenses stronger by thoroughly understanding how the IT teams respond to threats with practice scenarios.

Measure Internal Risk

“Since, arguably, every organization’s most important asset is its people, and people are under historically high levels of stress, measuring internal risk by gauging the wellbeing of your team has never been more important,” explains Nicholas. Organizations can accomplish this through a perpetual pulse check of the organization, whereby employees are routinely surveyed about their work-life balance. Leaders can accurately understand where they need to go the extra mile to take robust security measures.

Balance the Ecosystem

Preventing and mitigating internal risk through pliable risk controls is possible only when you have healthy ecosystem management. By encouraging employees to break up their workdays with exercise and prioritizing adequate sleep hygiene, organizations can substantially reduce internal risk caused by human error.

When you approach the security measures from the inside out, you protect the critical data by determining the most vital applications that focus on the most valuable and vulnerable assets. To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2020/11/04/why-todays-organizations-should-take-an-inside-out-approach-to-cyber-risk-management/.

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