Leaders, Learn How to Avoid Chaos

Have you ever worked with a boss who always invites chaos? Well, the most effective leaders strive towards creating an environment that motivates people to bring their best. However, some leaders create a chaotic culture that keeps everyone in a heightened state of anxiety. They believe that calm culture means a lack of purpose, and stress and chaos lead to greater drive. To stop unknowingly creating chaos and avoid enabling an unproductive workplace, the author at Hackernoon suggests some leadership competencies that managers must develop.

How to Avoid Chaos?

Vacuum Up Chaos

“Chaos-causing behavior is unintentional and comes from a good place. Often people are just missing context or haven’t developed a rhythm for making sure that projects and plans stay organized,” explains the author. Leaders can walk into a situation where team members might have lost track of their goals. As a leader, any room that you enter should have more certainty and a robust plan when you leave it. Remove unimportant details and make the right decision to stop bad plans before it is too late.

Embrace A New Mindset

Embrace an entrepreneurial spirit to maximize resource utilization and form relationships with your employees, stakeholders, and clients. A new mindset will help you create a stronger alignment and build momentum.

Provide a Compass

  • Ensure to repetitively reinforce the goals of what you are working on among your team members. Strive for measurable outcomes.
  • Document your complex decisions. It is easier to trace when your decisions are off-track.
  • Try to over-communicate when you are in doubt. Explain to your team members what you are planning to do next and seek their suggestions so that that work doesn’t get complicated.
  • NEVER use your power or authority to coerce your team members to follow you. This will negatively impact the teams’ efficiency.

Developing these competencies will enable you with a fresh identity that provides clarity and a better understanding of how you can solve the chaos. To read the original article, click on https://hackernoon.com/the-best-leadership-advice-dont-create-chaos-vm1h3uo3.

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