Leadership Learnings for CIOs in the Decade Ahead

Fast-transforming technologies need an agile mindset and advanced CIO skills. The upcoming era requires soft skills like curiosity and compassion. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Ginny Hamilton shares the vision of ace CIOs.

What and Why

Here is a list of crucial skills necessary for young IT professionals that are aiming to lead teams in the next decade:

Being Watchful

Constant learning is the key to stay updated on evolving developments. National Football League CIO Michelle McKenna believes awareness would empower you to evolve your business. Adopt the futuristic mindset to take up artificial intelligence and machine learning. Young professionals must have the desire to learn through continuous interaction.

Openness to Revamp

IT leaders must initiate practical ways to keep your skills afresh in the coming decade. Be confident and take charge of your skills now to shape a promising future. If you are aiming to take up the leadership role, learn diverse approaches to adjust. You must identify and foresee the potential of technologies even before they launch. The current CIOs must recruit candidates that showcase an aptitude to adapt to the emerging trends. Hire those that are open to adjust to the changing market needs.

Better Routine Acts

Embracing functional excellence is essential for organizations to survive the global transformation. CTO and CISO of StateServ-Hospicelink Jamey Taylor advises the IT workforce to own tasks. Once the crew starts accomplishing their commitments, outcomes will improve. So, developing a feasible action plan is pivotal to address emerging risks. Aim to increase ROI by initiating a compliant strategy.

Customer-First Approach

IT companies have enabled one-click services on mobile applications to help customers get an enhanced experience. Mike Northrup, SVP and CIO of a Federal Credit Union, believes the coming year needs exceptional user experience to boost business growth. To please the consumers, you must embrace a robust yet swift approach.

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