Leadership Role in Normalizing Return to Work

Leadership Role in Normalizing Return to Work

A successful post-pandemic return to work is possible if you are performing the leadership role correctly. Instead of rushing to open offices, you must take careful steps for the safety of your staff. According to a Quovant study, 58 percent of the working professionals were against returning to the office. You can understand how difficult the news is for employers. In this article at Risk Magazine, William B. Horne insists on how an influential leadership role can help normalize return to work.

Insights for Leadership Role

First things first, find out how your employees are performing when they work from home. Survey to understand if they would feel comfortable coming back to work. Heed the concerns from people that do not want to return to the office.

57 percent of the survey participants thought of not returning to work because they benefitted more after work remotely. A distraction-free environment, no noisy coworkers or tiring commuting requirements, and better family time were the winning points. 51 percent cited health concerns because of their own or loved ones’ comorbidities.

42 percent were open to joining work, but they agreed to come in one or two days per week. Their reasons were better one-on-one communication and collaboration, technical issues, and fewer virtual conferences.

Next Steps

Since most employees would prefer working from home, your leadership role must bridge the gap between onsite and remote workers. Have regular processes to measure each of their performance with respect to their preferred work environment. People that are ready to come to work must have safety measures available for them. For instance, face masks, handwash and sanitizers, socially distanced equipment, and more.

Once you start collecting details regarding employees’ preferred work environment, productivity rate, and work-life requirements, it would help make better leadership role decisions.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: http://www.rmmagazine.com/2020/09/15/how-leaders-can-balance-working-from-home-and-returning-to-work/

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