Learn These Verbal Communication Skills Now

Learn These Verbal Communication Skills Now

Personal branding expert Dan Schawbel describes verbal communication skills as the only differentiator in a talented pool of professionals. In fact, several respondents in the Kelly Services survey reported that these capabilities benefitted them the most in creating a personal style. In this article at Little Things Matter, Todd Smith shares the ten verbal communication skills you should acquire now.

Tips for Verbal Communication Skills

Master the verbal communication skills early to get ahead of the competition. Here are the traits you must imbibe:

Traits to Follow:

  • Have a warm behavior towards people when you converse with them. A great smile and polite tone can win hearts.
  • Speak only after you have run it through your mind carefully.
  • State in clear words what you want or think. Vague responses can create mistrust and disengagement.
  • Talking more does not impress people until you are saying something sensible. If you do not know about something, do not speculate or speak out of turn.
  • Be genuine in your expressions so that people can trust your words. Bragging about your skills is not an example of effective verbal communication skills.
  • Coworkers gravitate towards people that are polite in nature. Also, humility is an essential trait that most successful people possess. Try that out.
  • Be confident when you have your facts right. That will reflect in your personality. People would listen calmly to what you have to speak about.
  • Controlling your pitch is not enough. Work on your body language too. Shifty eyes can easily give away that you are nervous or doubtful about your opinions.
  • Time is a precious component in life that leadership appreciates. So, be precise in presenting your thoughts.
  • Listen first before speaking up. Also, stop formulating answers in your mind instead of paying attention. Your brain stops listening to the other person when you start talking.
  • Have you noticed that you are friends with people that share same likes and dislikes? You also imbibe the same tonality after a long association. Match your stakeholder’s enthusiasm to make them like you.

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