Leverage Digitization to Upgrade Talent Management

Technology is capable of developing and maintaining collaboration, even if you are physically far away. The coronavirus pandemic has proved that technology is the catalyst for change. As the global crisis hit, organizations lost hope to hire top industry talents. However, the remarkable efficiency of IT teams made it easier to develop and maintain a robust remote infrastructure. Due to the framework, reaching skilled candidates became easy. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Becky Frankiewicz and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic share the new trends and talent management opportunities.

The New Normal

Most working professionals are not ready to resume offices. According to a ManpowerGroup global analysis, 8 out of 10 employees wish to continue working remotely. The epidemic validates the official adoption of new ways of working. Thanks to digital transformation, you are an official member of an advanced workforce that works and operates online. Be wary of these salient trends to form better strategies for talent acquisition:

Virtual Connection

Employees using artificial intelligence to accelerate productivity have delivered much better results in the crisis. Switching to automation has already rescued many enterprises. The trend has encouraged investment in virtual channels of communication. The current market value of collaborative virtual tools and software has reached up to $45 billion worldwide. The more virtual approach you choose for the recruitment process, the better resources you would hire for your company.

Distributed Channels

The ideal work culture does not need physical infrastructure and space to operate. You can establish that through clear communication and regular exchange of thoughts. So, try building a work culture despite people sitting in diverse locations. Form a team of skilled individuals ready to operate from any location. Measure their performance based on their talent, not their ability to report on time in the office. Avoid micromanaging your staff to maintain the creativity balance and enhance productivity.

Flexible Work Culture

Even when the pandemic is over, most professionals would prefer to work from home. If not regularly, then a couple of days a week. Offering a hybrid work environment to Gen X and baby boomers would enable them to maintain a sound work-life balance. Surprisingly, Gen Z prefers to visit the office every day and keep a human connection. So, act flexibly and offer an irresistible deal to the candidates per their preferences.

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