Necessary Leadership Skills for a Lead Developer

Necessary Leadership Skills for a Lead Developer

Are you a lead developer that aspires to become a manager? You need to imbibe some leadership skills for that promotion you are longing for all these years. How do you go about it amidst your rapidly increasing workload? Worry not because there is a way out albeit a bit hard to achieve. In this article at Introverted Manager, discover the leadership skills you need as a lead developer.

Top Leadership Skills

Leadership skills chiefly constitute of communication skills, business know-how, decision-making and delegation, mentorship, and accountability. Let’s delve into these topics more:


As a future manager, you must have the patience to hear out both sides objectively. You should be adept in managing your juniors and having a rapport with the top honchos. While you might not have to indulge in small talks or gossips, a genuine connection with the team can benefit you.

Business Knowledge

You pay more attention to where the business is going, management preferences, etc. Build rapport with your clients. Shape your presentations and pitches aligned to customer inclinations. Know all the product features thoroughly and figure out the differentiating factor that gives you a competitive edge.

Decision and Delegation

One of the essential leadership skills is to convert that in-depth business and product knowledge into decision. You cannot do everything alone, so learn to delegate tasks to the appropriate people. Additionally, you should know what to prioritize when.


Companies rely on senior developers to get ahead in the market because they are reliable and provide high performance. As you ascend to the next higher position in the organization, mentor professionals that can fill your position.


Have you noticed that your manager delegates more urgent and important tasks to you than your junior coworkers? Does it seem natural to you when you suddenly get these added responsibilities? Years of experience and maturity have prepared to effortlessly take on more responsibilities.

The senior developer role is a stop before you lead to the managerial position. Learn what you can about leadership skills during this phase of your career. It will prepare you as a future manager.

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