Post-Pandemic EPMO and EDMO Demands Are Increasing

Post-Pandemic EPMO and EDMO Demands Are Increasing

It was easier to tackle a project with specific requirements. With multiple projects merging into a program and an assembled team, leaders needed EPMO and EDMO desperately. Combined waterfall and agile approaches made enterprise program management and enterprise delivery management offices necessary. In this article at ProjectManagement.com, Project Kevin Korterud and his co-authors describe how these teams’ demands have grown manifold since the epidemic.

EPMO and EDMO Requests

Teams no longer work as isolated groups as they did before. You need to work fast and deliver rapidly while learn and implement at the same time. Since agile adoption, people are more at ease with the fail-fast environment where leaders encourage ownership and innovation. Here’s how the EPMO and EDMO play their part:

Technology Rules

Businesses are progressively relying on technology. So much so that technology is a framework, and delivery is the chief goal. Since tools and applications can fast-track processes, you have multiple deliveries happening simultaneously. That increases complexity since the design, produces, and testing—all must be done per the speed of demands. Without the support of EPMO or EDMO, you cannot assure that these deliverables would be on track and within budget.

Delaying Costs

The only way to reduce cost is to deliver per the stipulated time. Once you delay launching a mobile app, more communication ensues with the stakeholders, along with resource overlapping and more. Since most of the work is now interdependent, a single project delay can affect the rest of the program’s progress. EPMO and EDMO can warn about these issues early to prevent any such mayhem later.

Synchronized Efforts

Global collaboration is a reality now. While it allows around-the-clock customer services and product developments, coordinating with so many timezones is equally challenging. With EPMO and EDMO, you have a centralized authority that can smoothen the process for everyone.

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