Prioritize Staff Safety When You Head Back to Office

2020 made history by showcasing the worst economic crisis so far. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The year prepared organizations to take some tough decisions. Some opted for permanent work from home while others are strategizing safe return to transformed office setup. In this article at the Boss Magazine, learn smart ways to maintain or ensure employee safety and observe stringent rules at work.

Safety Beyond Security

When your staff is operational in remote locations, they are safe, while cybersecurity is a priority. However, once they return to the office, their health and safety should be your first concern. Here are some significant measures you can take to ensure your workforce is safe in the office:

General Precautions

Ensure a safe distance between the crew while working in the office or warehouse. Face masks or shields must be mandatory for all. You can also provide high-quality face masks to all the employees. Use the company logo on it as a marketing stunt.

Harmless Air Circulation

Cross ventilation is crucial for any office compound to maintain the circulation of fresh air. Considering the risk of coronavirus spread, some organizations have installed air purifiers within the compound. You can order plenty of indoor air-purifying plants and keep the windows open. Let the fire doors and conference room stay closed.

Hygiene Measures

Companies already spend a massive budget on hygiene. Still, regular cleaning is imperative. So, spray the hotspots for virus spread like door handles, light switches, and employee desks throughout the day. Lift standards of your domestic cleaning services for the safe return of employees.

Usage of Disinfectants

Install antibacterial hand sanitizers or gel at different locations within the office compound for regular usage. Do not allow employees to exchange these or other office stationaries. Paste posters to remind each individual to sanitize and avoid handshakes during work hours.

Distributed Teams

To avoid traffic within the office compound, allow only the local employees to resume work. Let the situation stay under control for a couple of weeks before inviting the remote staff to join the regular office.

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