Ramp Up Cybersecurity: A Worldwide Urgency in Crisis

Cybersecurity is as significant as uninterrupted internet access in the global lockdown. The corporates must sustain business growth and transition for the next normal. Malicious actors are swift to invade vulnerable systems in the initial phase of the epidemic when most of the workforce moved to distributed locations to continue safe operations. In this article at TechBeacon, Robert Lemos suggests smart ways to maintain staff productivity without affecting company data security. Follow these steps to ensure cyber hygiene:

Spread Awareness

Keep your employees aware of emerging malicious activities like phishing attacks. The pandemic has recorded maximum cases of network credential recovery. Let them know the consequences of cybersecurity breaches to keep them vigilant about cyber incidents. Make sure your employees avoid clicking or downloading suspicious emails and attachments.

Sophisticated Shield

Digital transformation is the need of the hour, and so is the alertness of internal staff. Your employees play a significant role in bridging vulnerabilities. Thus, offering a secure provision to connect and share work from remote locations is crucial. Use advanced tools to ensure the security of the distributed workforce.

Turn to Zero-Trust Model

Even before the global crisis, the zero-trust model has created a buzz in the cybersecurity spheres. However, the pandemic has fueled its implementation. The strategy incessantly examines the users and tools accessing the systems. It checks whether new or existing users are reliable to access the company network.

Remote Connectivity Check

Organizations must use advanced cloud services to watch out for the distributed network that the workforce use. Monitoring them may not suffice the purpose. You must ensure tool compatibility too.

Supply Chain Verification

Validate the software supply chain and drop the outdated or obsolete ones to maintain seamless security. The regular software and hardware updates are crucial to identify and restrict vulnerable elements and initiate patching.

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