Should PMs Still Worry About Triple Constraint?

Should PMs Still Worry About Triple Constraint?

Time, cost, scope—these are three factors, or triple constraint, that decide the fate of a project’s success. Project managers often call this an ‘iron triangle’ with the project’s quality placed in the middle. Risks, resources, requirements, technical glitches are also other challenges a project faces. So, quality is also a part of the triangle for modern-day PM practitioners. However, is the triple constraint still a logical factor today? In this article at Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Michelle Symonds discusses if you should worry about triple constraint now.

Triple Constraint Dilemma

No matter which factors you have prioritized in your triple constraint triangle, all are interconnected. You nudge one, and the others change their results too. The catch is, the theory of using only time, cost, and scope works well for well-defined or straightforward projects. Due to the rising complexity in the projects, the simplistic model is insufficient to give you early warning indicators.

The Alternative?

Though the primary triple constraint still takes precedence in any project, tailor it according to your project requirements. The factors vary based on the project or stakeholders. For instance, some stakeholders would want to focus on the budget, while others would wish to have a flexible scope.

Since there is hardly any project which did not adjust its factors, you can tweak yours per the majority interests. If your customers are highly satisfied with your work, you have devoted too much to that project.

As a project manager, you should know how to balance things. For instance, customers are hard to please, especially when there are too many different demands and requests. You cannot please all of them. You should know whose requests you must comply with no matter how problematic the resolution would be. Here is where you can use the triple constraint to understand which ones you need to satisfy to deliver the project successfully.

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