Steps That Help Project Managers Move Up the Ranks

Steps That Help Project Managers Move Up the Ranks

Several people wait for years before they become project managers. What if you are already there and want to move up the hierarchy? Since leaders come from various backgrounds, it becomes tough to decide on the leadership career chapter. In this article at ProjectManager.com.au, Adeline Teoh shares steps to help project managers move up the ladder.

Promoting Project Managers

Project managers usually get promotions after acquiring years of experience as a team member of the same team. While some of them get training, the majority do not. These little gaps might become a significant barrier if you want to move up the ranks after being a project manager. Here are the steps you can take to do so:

Join a Course

Being qualified in one field and getting experience in another become a barrier when you aspire to move up the ladder. Project managers serious about crossing this roadblock must attend a project management course from a premier institution.


Recommendations, testimonials, and connections work more to move up the ranks. So, start broadening your network to rub shoulders with the top company stakeholders.

Be in a Club

Are you a member of well-known project management forums or community? For instance, the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) or the Project Management Institute (PMI). That would give you instant recognition. It shows your dedication to your work and organization.

Become a Mentor

Project managers can offer mentorship when they have gathered enough experience to promote the talent of another individual. You can invest your energy in helping someone improve when you have something to give.

Participate in a Community

To stay updated with industry norms, just surfing the net would not be enough. Be a part of the industry to learn the current trends. Build a professional persona so that people consider your opinion.

Update Resume

Always include the latest responsibilities to your online resume. Who knows, you might get opportunities elsewhere if not in the company.

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