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Strategic Approach to Progress with Preassigned Resources

Handpicked resources could be significant contributors to your project’s success. They can decide the fate of your project. However, what could be the outcome of a task with preassigned resources? In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall suggests ways to accomplish projects with limited available resources, shortlisted for you by the management.

Factors to Consider

Often organizations try utilizing limited resources for diverse projects. The approach leads to low project quality and undermines the project manager’s efforts. However, to endure the challenges, you must take proactive measures. Here is what you can do with the resources provided to you:

Find An Easy Escape

Find out who allocates project resources in the organization. It could be a functional or resource manager. Reach out to that decision-maker to share your concerns and project goals. Explain to them how efficiently you can perform by working with the resources suitable for your methodology. Ensure to deliver successful projects with the team you will form.

Build an Influence

If you are working for an MNC or large enterprise, you might not have direct access to the authority that assigned your project resources. Then, you have to make do with the available team members. So, your next step should be to encourage people to outperform. Offer them rewards or team outings once they help you achieve the desired results.

Seek Third-Party Support

In case your organization is unable to acquire top industry talent for a notable project, you can reach out to outside resources for help. Get involved in the project early to include the cost of these external hires.

Lift Team’s Standard

Enhance your team by improving Their skills and help them understand your vision. Search for ways to bridge the existing gap, be it knowledge, experience, or trust within the team. Promote collaboration and teamwork to ensure all your efforts pay healthy returns.

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