Ways to Stop Staff from Flouting Security Protocols

Ways to Stop Staff from Flouting Security Protocols

Dtex’s 2019 Insider Threat Intelligence Report informed that 95 percent of company employees were flouting security protocols. It is a shocking revelation since web filters save employees from falling prey to cybersecurity breaches. In this article at Business 2 Community, Dale Strickland shares ways to stop employees from flouting security protocols.

Necessitating Security Protocols

When your employees are flouting security protocols, they are weakening the company defense too. If staff play games or access social media sites, they can easily fall prey to cyber traps. Flouting security protocols is common for people that visit suspicious or indecent websites. CIPA compliance should also be maintained to get E-Rate funding. Let’s see the ways employees can be susceptible to ignoring company guidelines:

  • DNS-Over-HTTPS (DoH): When you are flouting security protocols like DoH, you are coming out of the company network’s privacy wall.
  • Web and Application Proxy Servers: These are gateways between the user and the internet. Employees can hide behind third-party servers to surf the internet without any blockage.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN): It encrypts the pathway between two networks. Users can use the same to access unnecessary websites.
  • Cellular Hotspot: Companies insist that employees should utilize VPNs so that the IT cell can monitor if staff are misusing company hours for own work. With a personal cellular network, they can be easily flouting security protocols without the company’s knowledge and protection.
  • USB Web Browsing: PortableApps.com is a service that staff can leverage to use web browsers undetected.

Stop Fraudulent Activities

  • For DNS servers and cellular hotspot, use agent-based filters, canary domains, and active directory. Also, block web browsers.
  • Use web filtering, monitor employee activities, and limit them by enforcing policies to safeguard the proxy servers.
  • Block the VPN ports and extensions and supporting apps when you do not need them any longer.
  • Do not give access to unknown USBs and apps until they are identified as company assets.

More Rules

  • Do not give administrative privileges to employees for a long time.
  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a web filter that can further tighten your security policies.
  • Impose restrictions on accessing websites that do not improve productivity like social media platforms.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.business2community.com/cybersecurity/how-employees-bypass-workplace-web-filters-how-to-stop-them-02356677

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