What’s Preventing Managers from Delegating Tasks?

What’s Preventing Managers from Delegating Tasks?

Are you afraid of delegating tasks as a project manager? You have plenty of reasons to say yes to the question. Nobody appreciates when you do a job well but criticizes when a single assignment goes wrong. Similarly, when the project goes well, the team wins; when a teammate falters, you take the blame. This article by Kiron Bondale reveals why project managers are afraid of delegating tasks.

Reluctance in Delegating Tasks

You have valid reasons for not delegating tasks. The teammate did not perform well, or there was a lack of understanding. Concerns regarding productivity loss and the discrepancy in quality can be apt explanations for not distributing work. However, some project managers do not have these alibis. Here are the top reasons that prevent the majority of project managers from delegating tasks:

Fear of Failure

What if the task does not get completed on time? It is a legitimate worry that prevents project managers from delegating tasks. However, this attitude stops you from creating future leaders.

No Warranty

When you are assigning a teammate, you are testing unchartered waters. You are trusting the person’s capability without much reference. So, there is no assurance that you will get what you want.

The inherent problem is the psychological insecurity within the team. There should not be any rift in the personal bonding if things do not work well professionally. However, some project managers ridicule and start comparing when another teammate completes the task. In such situations, team members would not come forward to take ownership. The growing distrust among team members and lack of career scope will make high performers leave.

People should feel that you have their back as a project manager. None of them will work to perfection every time. It is then when you should stand up for them so that they can be your pillar of strength the rest of the time.

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