Why Managers Fail to Manage Difficult Tech Projects?

Often, project management seems easy. It’s just about knowing the project’s needs and ensuring every task is accomplished at the right time. The technical aspects of project management appear to be well defined – budget, dependencies, risks, tasks, and methods. But why do many projects fail? In this article at Forbes, Steve Andriole explains why IT projects are difficult to manage and lists the essential aspects that project managers must focus on.

Reasons for Project Failure

Software Isn’t the Solution

Managers assume that the solution for project failure is better project management software or better software training. Tools merely make it easier for project managers to track failures.

Consultants? NO

“They can help, especially if they’re willing to speak truth to (client) power, but many of them worry as much about keeping their contracts in place as anything else,” explains Steve.

Poorly Defined Objectives

Poorly defined objectives undoubtedly cause confusion and lead to the downfall of any project. One of the initial stages of any project is determining the desired outcome and the steps required to get there.

What Leads to Success?

Hire Right People

Choose people based on the previous successful project experience, their soft skills, their ability to work with a team, and their leadership abilities. Also, select team members based on the competencies that required to complete technology projects successfully.

Reward Real Leaders

Bad managers never get near large technology projects, such as the implementation of ERP applications that are already afflicted by failure. Therefore, organizations must embrace and reward successful project managers.

Fix the Training Programs

Organizations that try to train everyone to become better project managers mostly waste their money. Therefore, business leaders must identify the professionals who most likely to benefit from training. As a leader, reinvent your training around the project requirement. Project management trainees must learn how and what to do to manage projects successfully.

To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveandriole/2020/12/01/why-no-one-can-manage-projects-especially-technology-projects/.

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