12 Classic Leadership Traits to Observe and Execute

The new age leaders are far more proficient at recognizing the value of modern thinking and habits. They are open to incorporating new values and trends into their venture to meet and suffice young consumer needs. In this blog article by Bernard Marr, learn the ageless leadership traits you must acquire to survive the future storms.

Who’s Your Ideal?

Looking back, you have always admired a leader that set an example by achieving success. Nobody wishes to follow a loving professional, but a combination of competency and likeability should impress people. Leaders portraying emotional intelligence with the ability to outperform are the ones making a remarkable impression.

Timeless Practices

You cannot accomplish long-term goals by forcing people to perform. For it, you must use the ageless habits of a true leader. Let’s take a look at how:

  • Do not only talk about integrity but also demonstrate it. Showcase your values and ethics by following and executing them.
  • Even if you are extremely busy, manage to interact with your team often. Make sure they know you have their back and feel valued.
  • Never brag about yourself or demonstrate pride. Always acknowledge your team’s contribution to work or project success.
  • Never overreact or predict anything that triggers commotion in the team.
  • Also, never miss an opportunity to establish a personal rapport with them.
  • Always use positive words and actions to entice your team to push their limits.
  • Be a good listener and try to understand other’s viewpoints.
  • Pay attention to your responsibilities. Never stage irresponsible behavior like exceeding deadline, late arrival at work, disrespecting others.
  • Be cheerful and friendly enough that people feel free to reach you for anything and everything. Maintain a healthy balance of personal and professional life.
  • Always share honest and practical feedback. The more difficult conversations you avoid, the more issues you face.
  • Accept your mistakes and set an example by making every possible effort to rectify them.

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