AI is Transforming Your Daily Lives. Learn How

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about AI? Is it some dystopian science fiction future where robots have taken over the world? In reality, AI is intertwined in all that you do and helps improve your efficiency and augment your capabilities. AI has streamlined and improved many day-to-day processes, allowing humans to accomplish more in less time. AI plays a significant role in every aspect of your daily lives, from shopping to commuting to browsing the web. In this article at Hackernoon, the author explains what AI advancements will mean in your daily lives.

Influences of AI

Growth of Smart Cities

Smart cities are a big part of many people’s lives. Today, self-driving cars are already a reality. These AI-powered cars have surpassed human-driven vehicles in safety. Maps can recommend the fastest route for you based on construction work, traffic jams, or accidents between you and your destination. Besides, AI will replace humans and automate the admin tasks usually done by people in smart cities. This means there will be fewer chances of mistakes.

Privacy and Security

The pandemic rebooted the world into virtual reality. Consumers are now more vulnerable to hacks, attacks, and scams. Biometrics will play a massive role in protecting people online. Adopting this method of authentication will help in avoiding cybercrime and fraudulent activities. “Developers are now moving towards touchless biometrics. Again, this involves things like facial recognition or scanning,” explains the author. On the other hand, AI is exceptionally effective at consuming and analyzing data that further simplifies the process of keeping the data secure.

Automation Will Be the New Normal

AI and machine learning are integral to the automation process. AI imitates human employees’ actions while interacting with a computer system: typing emails, surfing the web, and operating different applications. It cuts down on the problems created by human error, and can massively speed up the workflow from start to finish. Further, it also helps businesses to adapt to changes readily, if necessary.

Some experts predict that the widespread use of AI will lead to a second industrial revolution. Advancements in AI technology means that it will become even more prevalent in daily life. To read the original article, click on https://hackernoon.com/what-ai-advancements-will-mean-for-our-daily-lives-in-2021-t41o310p.

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