Can CIOs Back CEOs to Boost Digital Business Growth?

The global pandemic has transformed the business priorities of CEOs. They are now aiming to accelerate digital initiatives while nurturing their remote teams and reinventing agile growth ideas. Indeed, 2021 has brought a range of opportunities and challenges for the CEOs. In this article at Gartner, Susan Moore explains the significant role of CIOs in supporting and promoting digital transformation, which is a vital necessity for CEOs.

Revamp Your Venture

Despite the emerging market challenges, IT companies are leaving no stone unturned to capitalize on the pandemic-induced changes. Initially, it was difficult for the IT workforce to reset the long-held habit of working at the office or chase deadlines via digital tools. However, CIOs played a significant role in helping remote teams survive the storm.

Now, the new year has brought new challenges for the CEOs and their ventures. According to the 2020 Gartner CEO survey, even though your business priorities are different, growth is still crucial to lead the game. Technology is your ultimate fuel to recover and flourish in 2021. Here are three ways CIOs can help you accomplish your business priorities:

Accelerate Upgradation

Per the Gartner survey, the global crisis has encouraged 65 percent of CEOs to target digital business acceleration and makeover. Not all aim or aspire to become digital pioneers, but most of them are converging on digital or remote working. So, seek your CIO’s help to accelerate progress using automated tools.

Foster Innovation

The CIOs can help CEOs by giving necessary training to the remote teams. They can help you get a virtually agile remote workforce with whom you can experiment out-of-the-box ideas. Since employee retention is a top priority for 58 percent of CEOs surveyed by Gartner, an agile mindset is critical to save time and resources.

Revitalize Business

About 64 percent of CEOs are considering COVID-19 as an opportunity to revamp and rewrite the success story. With the CIO’s support, you can make the necessary adjustments and tweaks in your venture. However, you must let the IT leaders know your objective to refurbish and redesign the IT strategy per a new vision.

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