Can DevOps and ITSM Co-Exist?

In the IT industry, there are many opinions about IT Service Management (ITSM) and DevOps. The arguments tend to pitch the two IT approaches against each other. However, the reality is that these two disciplines are complementary at the very least and increasingly overlapping. Organizations can use DevOps and ITSM to initiate the change in the organizational culture. In this article at Dev Class, Joseph Martins explains where ITSM and DevOps overlap, and how it adds value to your organization.

Use Cases for DevOps and ITSM

Incident Prevention

Combining incident management processes found in ITSM with DevOps focus can help you reduce incidents. The approach enables you to focus on automating review processes and conduct blameless postmortems.

Process Optimization

When optimizing the processes, ITSM provides a starting point. Further, DevOps can add improvements such as automation and more collaborative approaches. You can even tweak ITSM’s strategies to make them work even better.

The top-performing IT teams already recognize that both ITSM and DevOps elements are essential in preventing incidents, getting to the bottom of an incident, and optimizing the processes. DevOps is much more than an automated development. It’s collaboration, and blame-free culture makes space for teams to do their best work together. Similarly, ITSM doesn’t slow down teams. When approached in an agile way, they can streamline instead of clogging up the IT pipeline.

A Mixed Approach

“Getting the best out of ITSM and DevOps practices requires a rethink by technology pros from both disciplines. That’s why ITIL has put systems thinking at the heart of its approach to delivering value,” says Joseph. The holistic approach provides end-to-end visibility and appropriate controls. This is essential to achieve both resilience and organizational agility.

Combining ITSM and DevOps is possible only if there is a change in organizational culture. The shift helps the personnel get to the bottom of incidents faster and focus on real fixes. To read the original article, click on https://devclass.com/2020/12/22/where-do-itsm-and-devops-overlap-all-the-way-along-the-value-stream/.

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