Can Sponsors Be the Powerful Allies to New Talent?

Sponsorship is a formidable weapon to employ inclusion. To become powerful allies of underrepresented industry talent, you must understand the importance of supporting them. In this article at Strategy+Business, Wanda T. Wallace explains the real purpose of a sponsorship program. it maintains a healthy relationship that grows organically over time.

Basic Understanding

Sponsors offer guidance in four distinct ways as a manager, advisor, mentor, and advocate. As a manager, you can provide advice, support, and guidance to a project’s progress, not an individual. As an advisor, you can occasionally counsel. As a mentor, help young talents in developing and shaping their career. While as an advocate, analyze the quality of work and help in improving it.

Honing Industry Talent

Apart from the advocacy, sponsors can nurture the employees as their admirers. They have the power to strengthen or diminish the growth prospects of the aspirants. Many organizations have offered sponsorship programs to women or underrepresented candidates. The experienced sponsors can help them take a leadership role.

Valuable Rapport

Sponsors are not confined to career advice. You can also help project teams to expand their horizon and deliver effective future assignments. Often, the sponsors remain less exposed to building a robust work relationship with the executives and teams.

To rectify it, you must openly share your ideas and concerns with the teams. Help them understand the basic rules and core competencies of your industry. Follow these steps to add value as a sponsor in an assigned project or program:

  • Help the staff understand how you can aid them by becoming their thinking partner. If your aspirants want to pitch an innovative idea, you can back them up to turn it into a product.
  • Nurture flexibility within the organization by improving the visibility of your network. Thus, the young talent can reach and strike a conversation with any new potential client.
  • You can identify emerging opportunities and help the employees think out of the box. Thus, they can convert a new project into a successful endeavor. Coach them by transforming, inspiring, and strategizing socio-political dynamics.
  • Being a project sponsor, you can advocate, criticize, or curate new career opportunities for your mentees.

The ideal sponsorship programs do not always generate successful outcomes. However, it is the responsibility of both sponsor and sponsee to make maximum out of their relationship. Constant efforts from both can be favorable for business growth.

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