Can’t Say No to Stakeholders? Here’s How You Do It

When you work in an industry where stakeholders are as significant as consumers, declining their requests becomes extremely difficult. However, it is one of the most critical parts of a  product manager’s role. In this blog article by Roman Pichler, imbibe the practical tips to say no to the stakeholders in the most appropriate manner.

Clear and Confident

Saying no is tough, mainly when you aim to woo the stakeholders always. However, if you are a team player, this is the only way you can save your team’s effort. Your valuable yes to each request or amendment hampers product quality, which turns out to be a bad user experience. So, look for smart ways to prove your leadership quality as a product manager. Take a look:

Polite Yet Assertive

Make sure your tone of denial is assertive but equally gracious. Let the stakeholders know how the development team is struggling to deploy the approved features. Also, discuss the consequences of last-minute amendments. A reasonable explanation can help you save time and effort. Make sure your stakeholders do not feel rejected or disappointed. Empathize with them. Maintain eye contact to convey how pleased and interested you are in their opinion. Be open to their ideas even if you decline to implement them. It would help you uncover their underlying interests and may allow you to compensate soon.

Careful Selection of Words

Stakeholders often suggest new amendments without knowing their repercussions on the product already in the process of development. So, the product manager must dodge the unnecessary debate. Carefully veer the conversation towards a more productive dialog. Help the stakeholders understand how their suggestions can affect the consumers. Make suitable modifications, only if possible, like eliminating a less essential feature or make crucial adjustments like extending the delivery date.

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