CISOs, Develop Your Business Acumen to Join the Board

A chief information security officer’s role is not confined to security arrangements only. Your organization also expects you to be the critical adviser of business strategies. So, having CISOs with a management background counts as a blessing. In this article at CSO, Mark Weatherford and Henry Praw explain how a management degree could be the route to join the board.

Growth-Oriented Thoughts

Most CISOs earn the job by showcasing their security knowledge, risk management skills, and understanding of potential threats to an organization. Nonetheless, your expertise cannot give you a seat among C-suite executives. Cybersecurity arrangements do not generate revenue for the company. Neither can the skill competes with executive leaders’ foresight. CISOs are known as technology geeks that are not direct contributors to business growth. Even after trying hard, the post fails to get due recognition. Lack of knowledge and exposure to the business are the prime reasons for it. Nonetheless, with companies shifting permanently to remote operations, it is time for you to take the opportunity.

Viable Business Risks

CISOs are aware of emerging risks and cybersecurity threats. So, you must also evaluate the potential business risks. Learn about the growing competition, market inflation, and political, operational, and regulatory hazards. Think on the lines of problems affecting business leaders. Be an expert on emerging threats and be confident to share your ideas to control the risks. Understand the basic business structure, learn how your organization generates revenue and which security programs are appropriate to guard data remotely.

If you can understand the nitty-gritty of your business, aligning a secure strategy to protect the company data becomes easy. Propose a smart approach to transform and mitigate risks to gain the attention of board members.

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