Digital Transformation: CIOs’ Priorities in Time of Crisis

COVID-19 has dramatically disrupted the way business functions. There is no doubt that the post-pandemic future will look very different from how you know it today. CIOs shouldered a heavy burden in 2020 – implementing digital initiatives to keep the organizations afloat. To prepare for the unexpected and adapt to whatever 2021 holds, CIOs include ambitious plans for everything from software-driven automation to mining deeper insights from data. In this article at Forbes, Martin Giles explains CIOs’ priorities on their IT strategic roadmaps for 2021.

What are CIOs Prioritizing?

Data Security

Data and cybersecurity have become a growing concern, with a considerable proportion of organizations adopting remote operations. Some of the top considerations for CIOs and CISOs moving into 2021 revolve around migration to cloud data centers and SaaS applications, reviewing remote access policies and tools, and securing new digitization efforts to minimize in-person interactions.

Data Mining

Cloud, mobile, IoT and social media are providing massive amounts of data. This deluge is causing many companies to stream data into ‘lakes.’ “Even companies with a long history of data mining plan to step up their game in 2021,” explains Martin. CIOs are now aiming at using AI and other technologies to capture and integrate an even more comprehensive set of data as part of their decision processes.


In 2021, hyperautomation would be one of the top priorities of CIOs. It is the idea of automating anything that should be automated in an organization. This is the time to automate repeatable, end-to-end processes by leveraging bots. Hyberautomation provides CIOs with an opportunity to implement new-age technologies such as robotic process automation and AI to drive end-to-end automation. These initiatives help organization deliver a cutting-edge customer experience.

More than ever, CIOs are playing a crucial role alongside business decision-makers in charting their organization’s course. Besides, CIOs must safely drive their companies to the new normal while planning with a growth mindset. To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/martingiles/2021/01/07/cio-digital-priorities-for-2021/?ss=cio-network&sh=4477be1b4e1c.

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