Digital Transformation Starts with Employees, Not Technology

Many organizations are undergoing digital transformation to reap the benefits of new digital technology. Studies indicate that 89 percent of enterprises have either executed are in the process of implementing a digital-first approach to business operations, processes, and customer engagement. However, many companies striving for digital change fail to realize that the transformation requires an investment in the people using it. In this article Forbes, Geri Stengel explains why organizations must focus on staff engagement for a successful digital transformation.

Mindset Shift

“The tough part of the digital transformation wasn’t building the technologies. It was the soft side, the human component, and alleviating trust concerns,” explains Geri. Employees must buy into the plan for change and accept the new technology and ways of working for a successful digital transformation. Your employees must understand the vision for digital transformation and its positive effect in the workplace. You must:

  • Develop a clear vision for change that inspires employees to buy-in to your digital transformation efforts.
  • Identify leaders who can lead the change.
  • Introduce employees to digital transformation training and motivate employees to want to change.

An investment in digital technology will be wasted if employees don’t embrace the change.

Technology Isn’t a Replacement

One of the most common mistakes many businesses make is to use new technology as a replacement for human activity rather than as a tool to increase workers’ efficiency and performance. The true value of digital transformation is about freeing up employees’ time to be more productive and focus on innovation. Business leaders must reassure a workforce that digital transformation is implemented to improve their workflow while helping the businesses perform with a competitive advantage.

Though digital transformation is technology-driven, people’s skills, ability, learn, innovate, and change lead to successful digital transformation. To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/geristengel/2020/12/09/for-successful-digital-transformation-focus-on-staff-engagement/?sh=7b1715f42218.

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