Federal Agencies Realizing the Virtues of ITSM

IT service management is spreading its wings across diverse sectors and industries worldwide. Even government agencies are using it to expand and automate tedious tasks. In this article at FedTech Magazine, Phil Goldstein outlines the remarkable benefits of ITSM in technical operations. IT service management executives are making commendable developments by helping federal agencies prioritize critical endeavors and regulating IT processes in each department.

Project Prioritization

Be it help desk, incident response teams, or change and asset management, ITSM offers advanced tools to reduce staff’s effort. Thus, employees can efficiently address regular technical glitches and focus on crucial matters. Here are some other benefits of IT service management for federal agencies:

Data Analytics

According to the National Cancer Institute CIO Jeff Shilling, ITSM has improved the federal agency’s technical capabilities and data source management. Their IT department is skillful in generating data from each technical activity to gain insight into the organization’s future needs. The data also prove helpful in reducing technical incompetence. Shilling notes that technological evolution helps in transforming businesses by observing each transaction automatically.

Actionable Intelligence

Greg Rankin, Director of the Service Management Office for the Department of Veterans Affairs, believes ITSM has helped the IT division to foresee workflow. Thus, the team can proactively turn available data into productive information. It further helped the employees to gather knowledge to act at the right time and accelerate growth.

Turn to Advanced Tools

In many government agencies, a majority of the workforce uses integrated service management tools. It helps the staff streamline confidential reports, ticket management, IT, and business operations. The move helped IT leaders to enhance their functionalities and improve digital capabilities. Moreover, it boosts federal agents’ technical abilities to oversee confidential data and avert potential cybersecurity threats.

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