Future of Work: What Will Happen In 2021?

Now that the debate about remote work is over, it is time for project managers to set new goals for managing the remote workforce this year. The remote-working landscape won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Today, project managers are upgrading their management and communication skills to manage distributed workers successfully in a hybrid office setting. In this article at Forbes, Caroline Castrillon explains how the future of work looks like.

Predictions of Future Work

Work from Anywhere

More and more organizations are announcing permanent work from home, even when travel restrictions and social distancing will remain relaxed. As a result, millions of employees will turn this opportunity to work anywhere, making up for the lost time with family. As many enterprises have invested in technology that enabled virtual collaboration last year, the transition will be seamless for employers.

More Engagement

“Employees will need to put extra effort into amplifying their engagement virtually to ensure they have access to new opportunities,” explains Caroline. To stand out as a leader while working from home, employees must participate in virtual events, actively contribute to online meetings, and keep the enthusiasm high.

Lack of Organic Mentorship

Young workers often depend on a combination of hands-on mentorship and observing an experienced colleague to improve their job skills. Organic learning opportunities in a remote work environment are fewer. To develop a new generation of talent, enterprises must take a proactive initiative this year by building mentorship programs. Besides,  project managers must give their time to new employees to make sure they are mastering their jobs to take on new challenges.

Cybersecurity is Crucial

Cybersecurity is extremely important or more critical than before the pandemic. The real concern lies around accessing and securing the data effectively. Organizations must think more strategically about cybersecurity investments and identify ways to protect their data, equipment, and employees.

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