Gender Gap in IT: Evident Roadblock to Progress

Despite significant initiatives, the technology sector still portrays the issue of gender diversity. Women’s rights and responsibilities have regained the backseat due to the remote work culture. Underrepresented for a long time, women are still waiting to get their due recognition in IT. In this article at Software Testing News, Constance Drugeot shares views over the gender gap observed in the technology sector and how to fix it.

Reclaim Your Fame

Though low in number, women somehow managed to take 16 percent of the technology workforce. However, the leadership position still needs more women representatives. Even being as capable and hard-working as men, women have suffered a significant disparity in the industry for years.

Bridge the Gap

To fix the gender diversity issue, both men and women need to make significant efforts. Redefining masculinity could play a critical role in fading the gap. Here are some suggestions to maintain balance:

  • Some believe females are less invigorated to study Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects than males. Thus, more men appear for engineering or computer science programs than women. According to the recent UCAS data by HESA, barely 35 percent of STEM higher education courses comprise women. Thus, people assume women cannot work in technology. Biased career guidance is the reason for the knowledge gap here. Support young women and encourage them to study STEM subjects to fix the issue.
  • Only 3 percent of women consider taking IT as a career out of passion due to misgivings and a shortage of information. Some step back considering the challenges posed by male-dominated IT sector. It is a misconception that you would not thrive in the industry because you have to balance family and the pressure to innovate. Spread awareness and educate people to support women to join the technology industry. Change your mindset to design a future of gender equality.
  • In any sector or industry, women have to prove themselves and earn their position after working twice as hard as men. The gender disparity is on for decades. Moreover, men are inefficient in taking directives from senior female managers. Only a progressive vision can bring about necessary changes.

Your biggest challenge starts with you, from you, and can come to an end by you. So, change your perspective as a leader to leave a mark in the IT industry. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.softwaretestingnews.co.uk/women-in-it-why-is-there-still-a-gender-gap-in-the-tech-industry/

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