How Can CIOs Vet Cyber Hygiene Post SolarWinds Hack?

IT infrastructure and integrated security operations came under fire after threat actors used SolarWinds Orion to infiltrate federal data in December 2020. The incident tarnished SolarWinds’s Orion network management systems (NMS). In this article at CIO Dive, Roberto Torres explains how the SolarWinds attack fell between the junction of cybersecurity and IT. A sizeable security breach blocked a crucial IT monitoring tool. A swift response plan from the IT and cybersecurity division can beat the odds.

The Sweeping Attack

Many federal agencies and private sector companies are still facing the brunt of the hack. The rogue actors not only get access to the government data but can also damage it. As a CIO, your job is to maintain balance, fill technology rifts, and ensure meeting security constraints. Use digital operations to resolve friction between IT and security.

Fix the Gaps

Clear communication and access to necessary information can prove helpful in fixing prominent security issues. Take proactive measures and strive to respond to security matters immediately. Allocate budget to improve unnecessary hassles and maintain transparency with the C-suite executives. Make a checklist of formal and informal touchpoints to support the team security protocol. Switch to cross-functional collaboration to formulate systems and tools that are not siloed.

Future Roadmap

Develop an improved synergy between IT and security teams to function better together. Make necessary changes in the decision-making structure and empower employees to suggest exclusive ways to maintain security. Deploy new systems and invest in advanced tools to initiate fundamental transformation. Upgrade cybersecurity training of all employees using virtual channels of communication.

CIOs aiming to guard their companies against future attacks must walk away from the SolarWinds hack. Spread awareness of the potential risks and exposures in the IT supply chain. Gather information about the third-party vendor’s cybersecurity to curb future risks.

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