How Has COVID-19 Changed the Landscape of PM?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a massive dynamic shift in the world of project management, paving the way for new and unique opportunities for managers and business leaders to consider. Whether it is implementing technological advances, refocusing on business infrastructure, or upgrading systems; the future of project management likely to redefine the industry. So, what changes can you expect to see in the future? In this article at PM World 360, Sylvie Edwards explains the changes COVID-19 has brought to the future of project management.

The Future of Project Management

The Need to Upskill

To survive in these uncertain times, project managers must keep up. To do this effectively, managers must improve their skillset through constant learning. Learning a new skill has become more critical than ever before. Be it honing soft skills like communication or developing an emergency plan, or improving hard skills such as enhancing the knowledge on data-driven systems, project managers must embrace different skill-based opportunities.

Flexible Working

From improved flexibility to increased productivity levels, the COVID-19 has only sped up flexible working arrangements. Team building and spontaneous collaboration activities have been working much better for many enterprises since the beginning of the pandemic.

Pivotal Role of Technology

Technology has truly revolutionized the workplace, and the way projects are managed. Artificial intelligence is now playing a significant role in an admin-based process such as data management, scheduling, or tactical planning-focused tasks. The technology is, in fact, saving a considerable amount of time and money. Cloud-based systems are now mostly used in project management for data storage, systems management, and server access while changing many organizations’ internal working setup.

Hybrid Approach is the Norm

Today, project managers are not using a single project management-based methodology. Instead, they are now a lot more adaptable in their work and are creating ‘hybrid approaches’ to meet a specific project’s needs. Studies have revealed that the hybrid project management process will be more successful than the traditional single framework processes.

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