How to Keep Your Mobile Workforce Safe?

The pandemic forced many organizations to enable their staff to work from anywhere at any time. Enterprises quickly replaced desktops with laptops and adopted cloud and mobile apps to run the businesses smoothly. But, how certain are you that your organization’s confidential information isn’t ending up on unsecured personal devices or in personal cloud services? What steps should you take to secure your mobile workforce? In this article at Info Security, Andrey Dankevich explains the mobile workforce’s security challenges and how organizations can protect their mobile workforce with the right measures.

Security Challenges

“More use of mobile devices expands attack surfaces substantially, giving cyber-criminals new opportunities to exploit your most valuable asset – data,” explains Andrey. Besides, many professionals connect to company resources over unsecured public and home networks. To protect the data, organizations must ensure that their information security is scalable, multi-layered, and centrally managed.

The Solution

Stay a Step Ahead

Limiting the use of personal devices for the remote workforce is not a viable solution. The endgame is to reduce the attack surface presented by the growing number of endpoints. Business leaders must be proactive, stay ahead of cybercriminals, and thwart their attacks before they damage business. Implement the right mix of advanced software and comprehensive solution for personal device and application management.

Secure Your Cloud Platform

Securing your cloud platform is vital for you to survive. With business apps and data on the cloud, IT admins can control data through centralized management. This also provides employees a better platform to share data, without having to rely on overloaded email systems.

Train Your Employees

Educate your employees to ensure that they are using strong passwords on all accounts, services, and hardware. Impart knowledge of the warning signs of phishing attacks. Create policies and explains why users cannot access certain information. Besides, provide them with alternatives so that they aren’t tempted to sneak around. Ensure that your employees know why specific policies exist, and more importantly, set up an approved process for file-sharing and collaboration.

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