How to Overcome Remote Tech Challenges?

Remote work seems like the solution to geographically independent mid-sized companies. Why wouldn’t it be? Remote teams also benefit from a more expansive and diverse applicant pool, as they can broaden their search for qualified candidates beyond their physical location. Employees can incorporate work into their lifestyles. But, what blocks the path to success for medium-sized companies? In this article at ComputerWeekly.com, Joe O’Halloran explains that workers at mid-sized organizations feel disengaged and unmotivated due to technology issues while working remotely.

What Do Researches Reveal?

Several studies revealed that many mid-sized companies failed to adapt to remote working challenges, setting them up poorly for survival in the pandemic. “Workers were found to be failing to receive the support they need when experiencing issues with technology, with 30% reporting difficulties communicating with members of their IT teams, who are too busy,” explains Joe. Nearly 27% indicated that they lacked the tools needed to collaborate with their teams when working remotely. These setbacks led to ineffective collaboration among team members and took a toll on the morale and staff wellbeing.

Researches have also revealed that nearly 24% of workers did not have access to tools to deliver results for customers while working remotely. These problems have also hampered the work-life balance, with 42% of professionals working longer hours than usual.

Challenges with remote work also impacted security and compliance. Over 27 percent of employees reported that the company procedure was difficult to follow when working remotely because the technology failed to support it. This had severe consequences on organizations that followed the industry-specific compliance process.

The Way Forward

Isn’t it always better to get in front of issues and resolve them before they turn into expensive and time-consuming emergencies? As a business leader, you must identify and resolve those technology-related issues regarding collaborations and following company procedures. The right technology will stay with your business, even as it grows. Choosing the right technology and a safe data platform can help you survive the pandemic.

To read the original article, click on https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252493310/Remote-working-issues-block-path-to-success-for-medium-sized-businesses.

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