Leadership Gone for a Toss Amid Agile Mindset?

A logical shift in the mindset of professionals working for an agile organization results in detachment, discontent, and employee dissatisfaction. The disruptive changes are hard to digest for the federal government too. The trust in leaders is misplaced, and the multi-billion-dollar leadership industry is suffering from multiple slipups. In this article at Forbes, Steve Denning defines an elite, logical, and agile leadership approach. The concept would help subside the complexities of the 21st century’s emerging changes.

The Global Crisis

Experts with an agile mindset believe the concept of leadership is a “lethal disease.” Far from guiding teams to finish a set of tasks, it has become a weapon to dominate people. It is the epitome of attributes, not functions, to achieve reasonable returns.

Vital Makeover

Being a team leader, your mindset and measure define the success or failure of your team. It is time to turn to agile principles of management. Here is how you can do it:

  • Instead of focusing on how a decision has been made, think about the necessary decisions to take. Scrap the hierarchical structure and focus on the process.
  • Stop giving indirect signals to your staff and start stating clear instructions and information. An agile organization respects the opinions of managers and team members equally. Maintain clear communication in the organization as well.
  • Time management is crucial to play it safe. Hierarchy rules and procedures lead to delay in decision-making for priority tasks. Take independent decisions to endure the rewards of proactive execution and delivery.

Agile leadership has to come from the top-level executives that hold the power to decide budget, rules, and rest of the necessary changes. Inevitably, transactional rather than transformational changes are the root causes of leadership failures. C-suite executives must observe these principles to transform their work process radically:

  • Let leadership be inspiring, not dictating. Strategize not only to beat the competition but also to create new ones to grab potential consumers’ attention.
  • Make methodical attempts to meeting your goals.
  • Extend trust in the new talent to motivate others to deliver valuable returns.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2020/10/25/reclaiming-leadership-in-the-age-of-agile/?sh=4c201bd2711f

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