Learn to Accelerate Business Security from Top CIOs

IT leaders share a common vision of becoming the top market contender. However, some 2020 malicious incidents made cybersecurity a priority this year. In this article at Silicon Republic, Jenny Darmody suggests initiatives taken by top CIOs to combat cybersecurity challenges. Malicious ransomware and spyware activities have given sleepless nights to IT leaders.

Data Security

The High-risk, high-return industry of cybercrime has left organizations doubtful about their existing security arrangements. Though cyber intelligence is monitoring system loopholes, threat actors are using unprecedented ways to infiltrate corporate networks. Follow these suggestions from industry leaders to combat proactive hackers:

Compliance Norms

PayFit’s VP Pierre-Alain Bouchard believes in staying observant and updated. Cybersecurity and governance standards have a range of solutions to maintain safety.

Phishing Attacks

Larkin Ryder, Slack Director of Product Security, recommends avoiding suspicious emails. He says organizations must maintain a collaborative work environment to keep each member informed about phishing emails.

Zero-Trust Model

Matthew Leybold, Associate Director at Boston Consulting Group, believes in swiftly moving to the next-gen IT solutions like zero-trust models and DevSecOps. These enable end-to-end security of the data infrastructure and IT ecosystem.

Less Is More

Brave Software CISO Yan Zhu defines the principle of least privilege. It means to collect necessary data only and maintain a repository to retain for a limited duration. Once used, shift the data processing unit to the client-side. The move will save you data infrastructure costs and minimize risks.

Security Posture

CTO of Smarttech247 Andy Grzess suggests measuring cybersecurity posture and readiness using proven frameworks like “NIST, CIS Top 20, ISO 27001 or SOX”. Pick the right security intelligence tools and network regardless of their proportions.

Mock Security Drills

Lydia Martin, Siro’s IT and Business Transformation Head, suggests improving staff training standards. To maintain cyber hygiene, you must educate employees using mock drills and training programs.

User Experience

Healx CTO Meri Williams further adds that staff training ensures the security process is user-friendly and agile. Thus, it improves the user experience.

Control Unit Access

Joe McKenna, Global CIO of Syntax, suggests data encryption and advocates access control management. Employ a data protection plan to access your company data.

Data Storage

ICT consulting company Mindseed’s Patricia Moore believes in limiting data storage to guard and transmit confidential data.

Security Agenda

OpenX’s Paul Ryan recommends adding cybersecurity as a significant element of corporate strategy. Address cyber concerns regularly to upgrade and meet your cybersecurity requirements.

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