Manage Remote Teams with These Quick Tips

Manage Remote Teams with These Quick Tips

Due to the viral crisis, you must have managed remote teams for quite some months now. Without training or setup, it is tough to handle such an overnight shift in the management model. However, if you handled the initial hiccups, some unparallel benefits can unravel later. What are they? In this article at Hackernoon, Maria Yanchauskayte shares tips to help you manage remote teams.

How to Manage Remote Teams

You could go up to people at the office and discuss challenges and understand through their body language if your suggestions are well-received. It is not possible in a virtual environment. Here are suggestions that would help you competently manage remote teams.

Team Rules

  • Define four to five overlapping resource hours where geographically distributed teams can have meetings to streamline tasks.
  • Set up your work status or a time limit describing when you can reply.
  • Focus on the value and quality of team delivery. Do not equate team accountability with online availability.
  • Be straight with your feedback. Your teams cannot see you but should feel the warmth of your constructive feedback.

Meeting Rules

  • Since you cannot just turn around and have an impromptu discussion with the team, plan meetings. Ensure that the sessions last for only 30 minutes.
  • Have a purpose for having the meeting instead of just logging in and talking without directions.
  • Make it more lively; have video sessions once in a while to bond with the team.
  • Record sessions for future reference.

Team Bonding

  • Team bonding is important to get a task out of the door. Have short meetings for occasional light-hearted anecdotes.
  • Have retrospectives at least once in two weeks to strengthen your collaboration.
  • Conduct comprehensive weekly review sessions on IT and business goals, issues, and solutions.
  • Acknowledge small wins and appreciate jobs well done whenever possible to boost team morale.
  • Working so many hours together is bound to bond people. Why not have forums to share hobbies and activities?
  • You can have brown bag sessions or host birthday parties online. When you can work together online, you can definitely celebrate birthdays and special occasions on those platforms.

Since you will have to manage remote teams for quite a few days, you might as well get used to the new workspace from home. Find out opportunities to grow as a team until you can finally meet in person.

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