Managed Security Services: A Shield Against Cyber Threats

Have you faced a situation where cybercriminals attacked your organization, and employees could not access their computers? Your business indeed would have halted. How much did each hour of downtime cost you? Could you afford it? Recovering from the consequences of a hack might take a whole week for some organization. How to shield your business from such security breaches? In this article at Analytics Insight, Adilin Beatrice shares the benefits of adopting Managed Security Services (MSS).

What is MSS?

“Managed Security Services (MSS) is the outsourcing of security services to a service provider that holds advanced expertise and tools and stay ahead with the newest trends in cybersecurity,” explains Adilin. MSS providers manage firewall and virtual private network, detect intrusion, and scan vulnerability. These services are provided either remotely through the cloud or in-house.

Why Should You Adopt MSS?

There are two types of organizations: victims of cyberattacks and those yet to be attacked. Anyone can be a target — from large organizations to individuals. According to studies, attackers stay in a company or organization network for an average of 4-6 months before being identified. An attack’s consequences can be gruesome if your organization does not have trained personnel for adequate protection of IT systems. It is here MSS plays a crucial role.

One of the primary benefits of managed security services is that providers can manage security processes from off-site locations, allowing you to conduct business as usual with minimal intrusion. The MSS providers also ensure that your organization is thoroughly updated with the status of security issues, maintenance, and audits. As providers are active all the time, they can give quick hit backs to threat actors who individually or as a group try to enter your organization’s private network. This will further help you focus on security governance rather than administrative tasks. Additionally, you can save costs by eliminating the need to maintain a full-time, fully-staffed, on-site IT security department.

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