Must-Learn Cybersecurity Lessons From Pandemic

Even as the world starts to open, many organizations are opting for remote work. The sudden change in the workflow has brought many new opportunities for threat actors. Attackers are actively targeting remote workers with techniques more sophisticated than ever. The lessons learnt during the pandemic will help keep the remote workforce safe from cybercrimes. In this article at TechBeacon, John P. Mello Jr. explains some of the pandemic cyber resilience lessons.

How to Remain Prepared?

Employees’ Training

Almost every successful cyberattack started with a human error. Therefore, you must treat employees as the first line of defense. With regular training, you must ensure that your employees recognize phishing emails and malware. They must also know how to manage passwords efficiently. Your employees must also report any suspicious events.

Choose the Right Team

“As digital transformation takes hold in more and more companies, resiliency will play an important role in securing business operations,” says John. To achieve resiliency, organizations require skilled resources. Building a diverse team with the right technical and soft skills to solve and embrace these complexities helps resolve the cybersecurity talent shortage.

Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

To achieve resiliency, businesses must understand its full value chain. Business leaders must know how their services get to their customers or clients, what that entails, and how diversified their suppliers are. Further, organizations must have a plan and include stakeholders across the entire business.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world and is affecting all segments of the population. Organizations must now rethink their business operations with an emphasis on telecommuting and remote collaboration. Implementing the methods mentioned above will help you stay prepared for various threats in this globalized and interconnected digital landscape. By building cyber resiliency, your organizations prepare for, respond to, adapt to, and recover from an adverse situation while continuing to function as intended. To read the original article, click on https://techbeacon.com/security/think-next-normal-4-cyber-resilience-lessons-pandemic.

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