No-Meeting Weeks: A Swift Remedy to Employee Burnout

Meetings are the lifeline of IT professionals. Whether you love or hate them, conferences are the prime source of ideas, suggestions, discussions, and getting things done. In this article at Mountain Goat Software, Mike Cohn elaborates on the pros and cons of Google-initiated ‘no meetings weeks’. Your small initiatives can save employees from burnout.

Rightsize Discussions

Meetings are undoubtedly valuable, but only if conducted with the right participants for a specific length of time. The virtual workforce lacks regular interaction with peers and often shares personal issues in the meeting. Thus, a quick daily standup turns out to be a lengthy conversation. To avoid such troubles, reduce the participants. Involve people in the discussion per their ability to become a trendsetter. It will save you internet cost and resource bandwidth. With that overview in mind, let’s analyze other possibilities.

Broader Prospects

Except for daily standups, not all meetings are crucial. So, you may try swapping the ‘no meeting week’ as a monthly trend. If a week can boost team productivity, then think about what remarkable opportunities once-a-month discussions can bring. Employees can brainstorm to bring ever-competitive ideas to the table.

Agile organizations conduct quarterly sprint planning with a meeting agenda shared with the participants to jot down suggestions. Unless you try different alternatives to regulate meetings, finding a perfect solution is impossible.

Keeping meetings off-grid cannot prove righteous, but its strategic execution can. So, use the sessions to grab growth opportunities. Occasionally, you can help your team get maximum outcomes by avoiding disruption of meetings. Balancing professional and personal life altogether in a distributed network is challenging enough.

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