Optimize ITAM to Minimize Cost and Deliver Growth

IT asset management is an effective solution to curb the cost and deliver innovative business decisions. It helps an organization administer, govern, and reconcile existing resources. Audits and compliance are the by-products of ITSM. The growing demands for cloud and SaaS solutions have given a facelift to IT asset management. In this article at TechFunnel, Steve Dunnigan defines the new-age ITAM as a contemporary hybrid solution to manage the lifecycle of IT assets.

Face the Reality

According to the Flexera 2021 State of ITAM report, 461 out of 1,000 global IT professionals shared feedback on IT and software asset management (SAM). Their response explains how the global pandemic is challenging but opens prospects for ITAM in Europe. Follow these steps to navigate and align strategic innovation to your IT asset management initiatives:

Unidentified Territories

Initiating an effective administrative change is tough, but an enterprise’s success depends on tailored ideas that can address business needs. The business structure of companies in Europe is distinct from the rest of the world. So, be wary of your top ITAM priorities. Address software asset management (SAM) team’s concern. Learn about the software usage and respond to the IT audits while preserving inventories.

Where Are You?

The cost optimization efforts drive software streamlining and data gathering to keep the SAM teams moving in Europe. However, you cannot retain capital unless you have clarity about your IT landscape. Without transparency, you cannot prepare a contingency plan for vendors audit. SAP audits are a common practice observed in Europe in comparison with the other parts of the world.

Knowing Problems Early

Despite the ITAM team’s maturity, organizations must optimize software usage to save budget. It should be your top priority because unnecessary IT spending is the prime reason for asset loss. The European markets are suffering from software asset management challenges more than the rest of the world.

Strategic Measures

The complex vendor rights followed by SaaS, cloud, and SAM practices are a few challenges recognized by the ITAM teams. So, make strategic arrangements to overcome such evident issues. Organizations well-versed with their current asset management position can prepare and adapt to the emerging challenges to thrive efficiently.

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